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Claudia N. Oltean

Claudia N. Oltean is a lifelong reader and writer. She is the co-author of the LexisNexis-published book, Media Skills: The Lawyer As Spokesperson, which comes with a companion DVD. She is the former columnist of Vines By The Glass, a wine column. Both of Ms. Oltean's grandfathers were newspapermen in Detroit, Michigan. Her paternal grandfather, Allen J. Nieber is the inspiration for her first novel, Another Chance to Die, historical fiction set in Detroit during the tumultuous, danger-filled Prohibition years. 


Since 2003, Ms. Oltean has been a partner and co-founder of LegalPR. This public relations firm represents lawyers and their clients and other professionals in their interactions with the court of public opinion and she works closely with local, state and national media.   

Ms. Oltean is a prolific business writer, particularly related to news stories and public relations, business development and organizational development. She has written and published national surveys on customer satisfaction and has acted as corporate spokesperson on marketing and customer satisfaction. She has extensive experience with video scriptwriting and production. Her university degrees are in Communications and English.   

Ms. Oltean is a member of the Historical Novel Society, The Florida Writer's Association and the National and Florida Sister's In Crime Organizations. She is active on social media, particularly Twitter.

Claudia  N. Oltean

Claudia N. Oltean